The People Pleaser


I’m a people pleaser, I am.. I like to think that I can offer people something that no one else can… just exactly when they need it. In fact I feel compelled to do that, I wonder where that comes from? I guess I might have to play act a bit to help convince them that there’s no one else like me… I mean they can see that… but you know… I lay it on with a trowel… oh, “you can trust me blah blah,blah”… and I’ll hold their gaze just a few moments longer than comfortable, listen to them drone on about the most boring ideas with a fascinated smile on my face ….so they feel like the only person in the world. I mean people are suckers for that aren’t they…?

This time though the game I was having such fun playing … went pear shaped and bit me on the bum, didn’t it? Boring they may have been .. just a bit of fun, and challenge to win over..

BUT I actually really liked them… I really, really liked them…and I felt rather guilty to be playing my old game with them..I felt, to be quite honest, as if I’d met my very opposite human… but it was our similarities that were going to be the problem, See….the thing is, I couldn’t be sure, but I think they were playing a game with me… although I don’t think it was motivated by anything other than trying to be “nice” … I decided then ….they were my friend and I’d better let them know things weren’t quite what they seemed…. they would ..I hope, understand what I meant….and I’d be getting invited to their wedding in a decade’s time!

That’s not what happened though.. and I could have lost everything… I didn’t… but I did lose them, and it’s my own fault and I’m gutted, if you want to know.

Monologues and wee stories about not being a Good Little woman. Trying to act for the highest good of all... not necessarily succeeding